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Find your balance between the ON and OFF switch.

In this day and age we are consistently wired to our devices and always turned “ON” to receive emails, notifications, text messages, cell phone calls, alerts, and voice mails. Human beings are resilient and made to adapt to all situations. This constant need to feel connected at all levels is an artificial situation. If you are starting to feel the pressure to constantly be prompt in responding to text messages and emails with the excuse of maintaining contact with someone remember this:

Communicating through a computer screen it is not emotionally and psychologically the same as connecting with another person in real life.

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Take the first step to taking back by your life from the control of technology and contact us to aid you with balancing your life

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All calls and inquiries are confidential and screened by a trained and licensed health professional. Our network of licensed health professionals will effectively diagnose and treat:

-Video Game Addiction

-Internet Addiction

-Social Media Addiction

-Internet pornography addiction

-Gambling Addiction

-Cyber bullying


If you or someone you know is suffering from a technology addiction, you are not alone and we are here to help. Please reach out to us today, you deserve to live a happy, healthy, balanced life! Your call is confidential and will be handled by a trained caring health professional. Call 786-505-6419 to talk about technology addiction counseling today. Thank you for your interest in Reboot & Recover.


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