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Help fund our programs as we educate teens and parents about technology over use. Our campaigns molds the minds of youth to put down their cell phones, give their thumbs a break from the constant texting and video game play, and discuss the impact tech over-stimulation is having in their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

We teach how to power off the devices to reboot their life and recover individual balance with increase in mental health capacity, reduction of technology overuse, and education about healthy lifestyle choices!

As a public charity we are primarily funded through individuals. We cannot continue to exist without you! Please consider making a difference today by donating. Your donation will help us change the lives of children and families. Reboot & Recover is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, all donations at 100% tax deductible to the extent of the law. If you are unable to donate please consider volunteering with our organization.

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It is a fact that nowadays most children are highly capable at using a device (e.g. cell phone, tablet, computer), but have difficulty communicating their feelings or experience outbursts of anger when asked to limit their screen time. As our children grow in a world ruled by technology, they are struggling to understand how to live balanced lives. Internet and Technology Addiction refers to the overuse of technological devices, or screen time, to where the behavior is creating negative consequences and interfering in the persons social, emotional, and work/school life. This is the modern world that we live in. And this is our time for action.

Reboot & Recover asks for support in our mission to promote and assist in living a well-balanced life by lessening the negative impact of technologies in society.

Children are being raised in a world where digital screens are taking precedence in daily living. It is importance to teach growing children how to balance between times spent online and offline. As addiction and mental health professionals, we know the importance of nurturing human interactions. Reboot & Recover aims to invest in future generations by uniting people to each other.

The American Psychiatric Association has made a call to action as a result of the growing epidemic of internet and technology addiction among individuals which includes:

  • Video game addiction

  • Social media addiction

  • Internet gambling addiction

In fact, one out of every seven Americans experiences signs of internet addiction and four in five students have significant mental and physical distress, panic, confusion and extreme isolation when forced to unplug from technology for an entire day.  These statistics are staggering and support the drive for our mission to be met.

We are responding to this call to action. Reboot & Recover seeks to prevent internet and technology addiction by educating students, individuals, and families with the facts and community resources that exist to curve their technology over use and achieve a more balanced life.

You can help us to teach children about balanced living in a wired world.

Our organization relies on the generosity of individuals like you.  We are asking for you to consider donating $10 today to help reach our goals with this cause.

If you are unable to donate please consider volunteering for our cause!

Phone: (786)505-6419


With your donation we will build the foundation of our organization as we empower individuals to take control of their lives and realize the importance of maintaining real human communication.

If you or someone you know is suffering from a technology addiction, you are not alone and we are here to help. Please reach out to us today, you deserve to live a happy, healthy, balanced life! Your call is confidential and will be handled by a trained caring health professional. Call 786-505-6419 to talk about technology addiction counseling today. Thank you for your interest in Reboot & Recover.

-Dr. Stephanie L. Diez, LCSW, MCAP, Ph.D. Founder & President


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