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Three words: Candy Crush Saga.

Just the mere mention of the game sets off ringing melodies in your head and makes your heart beat quicken. You play it, your kids play it, even your great grandmother enjoys the “sweet” game. Why is is that this game spans the generational gaps and attracts all ages and nations? Have you ever wondered why you get anxious when you can’t play it? Read on to learn the truth and psychology behind this bitter sweet candy game.

Click on this article link published in TIME magazine to read the whole story: The TRUTH about Candy Crush Saga


We are often told by others that they struggle with “brain fog” as a result of digital over stimulation and distraction. This problem is far reaching and is backed by science.

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It’s educational for the kids! Or is it…

Parents, it’s time to face the facts. The children you are currently raising will never know that a cell phone did not have the capability of surfing the web or taking a picture at one point in time. Therefore, their yearning and wanting for instant gratification will most likely always be meet. Instead, it is your patience as parents that is wearing thin. So an easy solution is to hand over your cell phone or tablet to your kids to distract them for a while so you can finally have a moment of time to cook, clean, shower, or just breath.So being the good parents you are trying to be you download the educational Disney apps and shows, download angry birds because it’s cute and seems to be child friendly while teaching your kid hand eye coordination right? Not necessarily. Don’t be fooled by the ‘educational’ value of the games your children are playing.

In fact, according to a recent study, less than half the time your kids spend behind a tablet or cell phone screen would be considered educational material.

Read on to look at the study published in the New York Times and find out how to choose the right apps for your kids:How much time does my kid spend learning through a screen?


Is social media ruining your marriage? It is for 32% of marriages. 

In the digital age, is seems nothing is private anymore. As we are social beings, of course we want to “post” every picture of our glorious lives online and ‘share’ that moment with our friends. However, how much is too much? Studies have determined that social media use is hindering marriage quality.  Learn how to survive your marriage in the digital age!

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‘Are you a tangled mess of emails, PDAs, iPhones, laptops, and cell phones?’ Here’s a story of how the CEO of a major company learned how to untangle their life and find a healthy balance!

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‘In its 2013 policy statement on “Children, Adolescents, and the Media,” the American Academy of Pediatrics cited these shocking statistics from a Kaiser Family Foundation study in 2010: “The average 8- to 10-year-old spends nearly eight hours a day with a variety of different media, and older children and teenagers spend more than 11 hours per day.”’

Click here to read the NY Times article ‘Screen Addiction Is Taking a Toll on Children’


If you or someone you know is suffering from a technology addiction, you are not alone and we are here to help. Please reach out to us today, you deserve to live a happy, healthy, balanced life! Your call is confidential and will be handled by a trained caring health professional. Call 786-505-6419 to talk about technology addiction counseling today. Thank you for your interest in Reboot & Recover.

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